Our Roasts

We custom-roast each type of bean in one of two ways: Medium Roast or Dark Roast. Medium Roast reaches a max temperature of 440 degrees F and our Dark Roast reaches 460 degrees F. Every batch we roast is small (6 pounds or less), which allows us to consistently control the temperature, timing, and quality of the roasts.

Our Mission

We provide the highest quality roasted coffee beans while sharing our knowledge and passion with our valued customers. Our beans are meticulously sourced by importers who specialize in cultivating meaningful relationships with growers committed to quality farming and direct trade in select countries.

Our Quality

After roasting, we immediately package your coffee in a heat-sealed bag. Each bag has a one-way relief valve allowing your roasted beans to vent without allowing outside air to enter. This keeps our product fresh for at least 5 months. We have ZERO bags in stock! Your coffee beans will be roasted fresh once you order.

Our Craft

As true artisans, we believe that every coffee has a story to tell, and it is our job to help share that story with our customers. From where and how a berry grows to the temperature, seasons, and processes it underwent to produce its beautiful harmony of flavors. Our dedication comes through in the rich flavors.